MBI Energy Services acquired by Cerberus Capital Management

Belfield – North Dakota-based, MBI Energy Services, is now a part of the portfolio of companies owned by global investment firm, Cerberus Capital Management. According to Travis Kelly, CFO of Cerberus Operations and Advisory Company, “now that the transfer of ownership is complete, we are pleased to let local communities know more about Cerberus and our commitment to MBI. We have been a longstanding partner of MBI and we are excited for the opportunity to grow the business. We see tremendous value and potential in MBI and we want to ensure that it continues to be the one of the leading providers of fluid management logistics and well-intervention services for a long time to come.”

For over a quarter century, Cerberus has been a global leader in alternative investing, which means they invest directly in the debt and equity of private companies and real estate properties around the world. “Cerberus has been successful across business cycles by being patient investors in companies with long-term potential. We specialize in providing both financial resources and operating expertise to help companies grow and become even more successful,” said Kelly.

Bakken Oil Well (Photo by Ian Grande)
Bakken Oil Well (Photo by Ian Grande)

Cerberus’ current family of companies includes well-known businesses like Avon, the iconic beauty product company, and Albertsons Companies, the second largest grocery chain in the United States, Staples and Burger King. They also own lesser known, but very successful companies in the healthcare, automotive, real estate, and banking sectors, among others.

Kelly explains, “Cerberus is able to help companies grow because we provide both financial capital and operating expertise. Our operational advisory team, Cerberus Operations and Advisory Company, is a group of over 100 experts across a variety of industries and functions. This team takes a hands-on-role, working directly with management teams and employees to build value by making things better. Our approach relies on partnership and knowledge sharing—the talented people inside the companies teach us about their business, while we share our expertise in helping businesses run more effectively.” MBI Chief Operating Officer, Craig Halsey, agrees, adding, “we are confident that the ongoing excellence of our employees, coupled with the Cerberus partnership, will lay a solid foundation for our continued success in the Williston Basin and beyond.”