Shiloh Christian One-Act (Photo courtesy of Becky Strutz)

Shiloh Christian claims Region 7 One-Act Title

Hazen – Shiloh Christian will be heading to the State One-Act Meet after claiming the Region 7 crown. 

Many in attendance were visibly moved by Shiloh’s excellent performance of Booby trap, “When I read this play I was immediately struck by how it mirrors the story of Christ in His last days prior to His crucifixion,” said Shiloh Speech Director Erin Weichel. “In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus asks that this path be changed for Him but He then remembers He must sacrifice Himself to save all mankind.  The soldier in our story has much the same realization – he must die in order to save the rest of his unit.  It is heartbreaking when the soldier accepts that decision but also reminds us that there is love in the world that transcends all sorrow.  Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends John 15:13.”

Weichel, who was named Region 7 Director of the Year had plenty of praise for her talented cast, “Shiloh is extremely fortunate to have some incredibly talented and dedicated actors”, said Weichel. “I knew these kids would be able to handle the difficult and heavy nature of this script and was confident in their ability to tell this plays story.  I am so proud of how the cast has trusted each other and themselves to bring out the emotions of the script so clearly and honestly.”

In addition to Weichel, William Ring and Hannah Frohlich also received special recognition. The talented duo received the prestigious Superior Actor Award, “Hannah is a very talented actress who is very thoughtful and willing to try the crazy things I ask her to do,” said Weichel. “She is a great scene partner for her other actors and is a very giving actor on stage.  William is a bit of a goofball in real life but is able to connect with and access some deep emotions that are so heartbreaking to watch onstage.  He is a thoughtful actor who has created a very detailed character and has listened to and tried to incorporate all the discussions we have had about his character.  I am a very proud teacher of these two fine young actors.”

Shiloh will travel to Jamestown on November 19th to compete at the State One-Act Meet.

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